sprain.jpegPublished in the January issue of the Journal of the Endocrine Society Britton and Beamish conducted an extensive review of the medical literature on:

The Impact of Testosterone Therapy on Cardiovascular Risk Among Postmenopausal Women(opens in a new tab)

In their conclusion the authors stated, “the findings may indicate that if taken in large doses, testosterone, taken alone or in combination with estrogen, may negatively impact cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity, possibly leading to atherosclerosis and thus increased cardiovascular risk.”

Advanced Women's Health supports a physiologic scientific approach to testosterone replacement. This publication further enforces our concern about the use pellets for testosterone replacement.

What you are not being told about pellet therapy

The major pellet companies charge a high price for someone to prescribe their pellets. One can equate the process to buying a franchise. Purchasers of these franchises are taught about making a profit not only through sales of pellets but also from marked up laboratory testing and supplements. Is this good medical care or money-making salesmanship?

Think about who is recommending them. Most are not Gynecologists. Everything is cash pay. Don’t believe unsupported claims of safety and effectiveness. If you want science based postmenopausal medical care, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr Moore.

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