sprain.jpegCindy needed her IUD replaced. She loved not having the monthly periods. She dreaded the replacement because it hurt horribly the first time.

She was told there would be a little pinch, which it was NOT. She almost passed out. Almost threw up. She could not stand up for 15 minutes. She could barely drive. She went home and cramped terribly for 3 days and had to miss work.

Cindy came to Advanced Womens Health and had the analgesia protocol before the insertion. She reported minimal pain. Cindy got up immediately and left with minimal pain. Cindy wished she had known about her options before. She now tells her friends about us if they want an IUD.

IUD insertions are a painful procedure. For some, like Cindy, it is horribly painful. Addressing pain is important to avoid the kind of experience Cindy had. If you are considering an IUD you should contact Advanced Womens Health Institute.