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I remember so many summers trekking from Oklahoma to Colorado with my family to camp in the mountains for a couple of weeks. I learned to ski and so winter trips became routine. After graduating the University of Oklahoma I entered the U of O College of Medicine and felt very fortunate to be accepted into the department of GYN/OB residency program. The GYN/OB department, not OB/GYN, was not an accident. The primary emphasis was on Gynecology.

Because I was intrigued by microsurgery and endoscopy(scopes), exciting and new advances at the time, I pursued the practice of Infertility and Reproductive medicine.

Why not move to Colorado when given the invitation?

My mentors, Dr. Harold Hepner and Dr. E. Stewart Taylor, were early proponents of minimal gynecology and infertility. I have learned, laughed, and cried with my successful and unsuccessful patients. In the practice of medicine every patient is our teacher.

In 1987 I attended a course given by professor Kurt Semm. Dr. Semm, one of the early pioneers of minimally invasive surgery from Kiel Germany, showed us how to remove fibroids, ovarian cysts, tubal pregnancies, endometriosis, and more using a scope and small access ports rather than an open abdominal incision.

In 1996 I received certification in Advanced Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic Surgery from the Accreditation Council for Gynecologic Endoscopy. Less than one percent of the 38,500 practicing OB/GYN physicians in the United States are recognized with this credentialing.